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This is a test wiki for the Wikibase Quality Constraints extension. It currently demonstrates the new API output format, which is documented on mw:Wikibase/API#wbcheckconstraints. You can try it out on Special:ApiSandbox or just open an item page (e. g. John F. Kennedy) and inspect the wbcheckconstraints API request in your browser’s developer tools.

Feel free to add your own test data! You can import items and properties from Wikidata on Special:ImportEntity.

For more information about constraints, see the property constraints portal on Wikidata.

Known problems

  • The documentation links in the gadget (the question mark icon) won’t work, since constraint item IDs are different on Wikidata.


To update this wiki, the following commands are usually sufficient:

cd /var/www/html/
for dir in . extensions/*/; do git -C "$dir" pull || break; done
composer update
php maintenance/update.php --quick
php maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php
jq -r '.config | with_entries(select(.key | endswith("Id"))) | .[] | .value' extensions/WikibaseQualityConstraints/extension.json | php extensions/WikibaseImport/maintenance/importEntities.php --stdin


Warning: this is not a live Wikimedia Foundation project.

This site is used only for testing and development purposes. This site is not covered by the Wikimedia Foundation’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Do not disclose personal information on this site and do not use this site to post any illegal or harmful content.

For more information on this test environment, see Wikimedia Labs.

This wiki’s software is not updated automatically, and may be significantly out of date depending on when the wiki was last used to demo or test something. See Special:Version.