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This is a test wiki for the Wikibase Quality Constraints extension. It currently demonstrates constraint status and the distinction between constraint violations and constraint definition errors, as well as improved error messages for “format” constraints.

John F. Kennedy contains several statements that violate constraints. Most of the constraints are not mandatory, so the violations (warnings) are indicated with an “info” icon. One of the constraints on killed by, however, is mandatory, so those violations are indicated with an “alert” icon.

Nelson Mandela has a date of death statement with two constraint violations: one is mandatory, one isn’t. In addition, another constraint on that property is configured incorrectly: this is shown as an “advanced issue”, collapsed by default. On the property page of date of death, where the problem can actually be fixed, it is indicated with a more prominent “warning” icon. Notice also how the advanced issue is not shown on John F. Kennedy’s date of death statement, since it has no other violations.

John F. Kennedy also has two incorrect statements in the “identifiers” section, which both don’t match their format: the VIAF ID has an unnecessary viaf: prefix, and in the ULAN ID two digits have been transposed. The error message includes the syntax clarifications specified in the constraint statement (selected by user language, with fallbacks).

Feel free to add your own test data! You can import items and properties from Wikidata on Special:ImportEntity.

For more information about constraints, see the property constraints portal on Wikidata.

Known problems

  • The documentation links in the gadget (the question mark icon) won’t work, since constraint item IDs are different on Wikidata.


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For more information on this test environment, see Wikimedia Labs.